Consumer Products Retail, Inc. (“Consumer Products”) is a manufacturing recruitment company that specializes in providing human resources and human resource management services to support operations within a client’s facility. Consumer Products’ clientele consist, in large part, of manufacturing and healthcare textile companies that rely upon Consumer Products to provide a workforce with knowledge of CAD/CAM, CNC Programming and mechanical engineering principles.
CAD/CAM experience and knowledge is essential to this position because the workforce provided by Consumer Products must be able to accurately and precisely design and fabricate a product. In this case, Consumer Products supplies a healthcare textile company with a mechanical engineer who then utilizes CAD/CAM to design a product and control the manufacturing process. This service also requires the Consumer Products’ employee to develop and service prototype tool parts for the necessary equipment such as tufting machinery.
A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is also essential because Consumer Products supplies resources to companies for the purpose of redesigning and troubleshooting existing HVAC and other mechanical systems.
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